Irregularities were found at the Oncology Clinic and at the Bitola Hospital in the audit reports


The chief state auditor Maxim Acevski in an interview with Radio Free Europe points out that the audit reports released in April found irregularities at the Oncology Clinic and the Bitola Hospital.

What is identical for both clinics, says Acevski, is that both institutions have an accelerator intended for the treatment of oncology patients, but due to uncreated conditions, a larger amount of funds was given, and the devices were not put into operation.

“If you look at the content of the final audit report or the summary, it is determined that there is a problem in the way the dispensing of the therapy, the people who are put on therapy, the procurement of the therapy and the records were managed.

According to the calculations, the therapy that was procured is in the amount of 6 million euros and it can be seen that it was recorded at the end of the year.

The negative thing about the work of the clinic is that there are a large number of obligations that have been undertaken beyond the planned budget for its operation,” said Acevski.


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