MFA: Number of Macedonian nationals in Israel is increasing, a crisis headquarters has been set up


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said Sunday that a crisis headquarters has been set up, tasked with monitoring and coordinating all procedures related to Macedonian nationals in Israel who need help or assistance in safe evacuation.

“According to the Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in Tel Aviv, as well as the calls made to the 24/7 line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje, in Israel and the West Bank, the number of citizens who have reported that they are currently in and around the affected areas keeps rising. The Embassy is in constant contact with all the citizens, and preparatory measures are underway for assistance in safe evacuation,” reads the press release.

The Foreign Ministry notes that more detailed information on the current developments are available at Macedonian nationals can also contact the Foreign Ministry via its 24/7 line at +389 75 273 732, as well as the 24/7 line of the Embassy in Tel Aviv +972-54-926-7378.


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