M-NAV strike postponed – air traffic is running regularly


An agreement was reached to work on the open issues by the Professional Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SSKL), at the meeting held in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with representatives from the M-NAV Union (SSCL) and the management of the company for performing the activity of providing aviation navigation services, M-NAV AD Skopje, informed the Government on Thursday.
This has made it possible for air traffic to take place regularly. In the meantime, the coordination in the relevant ministry continues, with the aim of fully realizing the obligations undertaken by both parties.
“The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia considers that the signed collective agreement, the decision to hire a consulting firm that will professionally perform a functional analysis to improve the functioning of the enterprise, as well as the agreement to raise the level of transparency for all issues and the preparation of a study that will provide the future directions for the development of the enterprise shows that solutions are possible through a functional dialogue,” read the government press release.

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