Mizrahi: If the media have reacted since 2017, the public reacted, how could the Ministry of Interior start any activity in September 2023, the truth must come out


I will be satisfied with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Political responsibility is objective in itself and you can demand it from current politicians, that is, those who are currently part of the leadership, political figures in various ministries, and the Government as a whole, said MP and member of the VMRO -DPMNE Executive Committee Rashela Mizrahi in an interview with Sitel TV.
Mizrahi added that according to Article 76 of the Constitution, it says that the findings of the Commissions of Inquiry are the basis for initiating a procedure to determine the responsibility of the holders of public offices. That responsibility can be criminal, civil, etc.
“The current Minister of Interior has been a minister since 2017. In the Oncology case, the operational research component, the investigative component of the Ministry of Interior, failed. The Ministry of Interior should not only react reactively, it should also react proactively. So there should be a research activity. If since 2017 the media reacted, the public reacted, the patients reacted, how could the Ministry of Interior start any activity in September 2023,” said MP Mizrahi.

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