Gasoline prices to drop by MKD 1,5, diesel to go up by MKD 1


The prices of gasoline fuels are set to drop as of Monday midnight, while the price of Eurodiesel and extra light household oil is upped by MKD 1, said the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The price of Eurosuper BS-95 is set to drop by MKD 1, while Eurosuper BS-98 will drop by MKD 0.5, ERC added. According to ERC, the new price of Eurodiesel will be MKD 82 per liter, and the new price of extra light household oil will be MKD 81 per liter. Eurosuper BS-95 will cost MKD 80 per liter, while Eurosuper BS-98 will cost MKD 82.5 per liter.

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