Up to EUR 6.5 million were spent on tenders, mostly for just one company, reveals Information Society Minister Aliu


Between January 2021 and June 2023, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration spent 6.5 million euros on tenders that were mostly applied for by only one company and won. The State Audit Office came to this information by analyzing 18 contracts at random, worth 6.5 million euros. Only one company responded to 14 out of a total of 18 tenders. The Minister of Information Society Azir Aliu, who is presenting the findings of the auditors at a press conference Friday, says that in the next period he will look for a way to encourage companies to make their own offers in the advertisements.

“State institutions are forced to pay higher prices due to the small supply from companies. In the coming period, we will organize meetings, at which we will inform them in a timely manner, even in the market analysis phase, of all companies that will be interested so that they can respond to our calls further in the procedures,” said Aliu.


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