Centar Municipality provides free hospital transportation for people with disabilities


The Mayor of the Centar Municipality Goran Gerasimovski invited citizens with disabilities to use the service for free transportation to health facilities, for which the municipality has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Macedonian Red Cross.
It is about free transportation to health facilities with dedicated vehicles of the Red Cross for users over 18 years old, who use orthopedic aids (wheelchairs, canes or walkers), and live in the territory of the Municipality of Centar, as well as people over 18 years old who do not use orthopedic aid, but due to illness they are immobile. For this service, the municipality set aside MKD 500,000 from its own budget in order to facilitate access to hospitals and doctors for the citizens who have the greatest need for it. 42 citizens used this service in just one month. The Mayor of Centar Municipality Goran Gerasimovski urged citizens who meet the conditions to schedule their free transportation to the necessary hospital.

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