Kasami says talks on new government formation start Monday, he will stay Tetovo mayor


The mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo and leader of the Besa Movement, part of the Worth it Coalition Bilal Kasami says that the talks on the formation of the new government are expected to begin on Monday.
“During this week, we will have to have the working groups ready, and if not, during the weekend and most likely from Monday, the officialization of the meetings and the coordination of the activities surrounding the formation of the government will begin. Of course, staffing issues will be part of the second phase of talks. What is more important is that this coalition will continue to be the guarantor of the integration of the country in the EU and the guarantor of the rights of the Albanians, because the elections showed that we received the mandate of the Albanians to represent them and make decisions that are for the benefit of all citizens and the country towards European integration,” Kasami said.
Asked if he will personally take any position in the executive power, Kasami responded that he would continue his work as the mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo.

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