Heating prices up by 4.51 percent as of Wednesday


The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) made a decision on Tuesday that increased the price of heating in Skopje by 4.51 percent. According to the ERC announcements, no price correction is expected until the end of the heating season, despite the announced introduction of a fee of 10 euros by Bulgaria for the transport of a megawatt hour of Russian natural gas through the Bulgarian gas pipeline.
“There will be no price corrections until the end of the heating season regardless of the Russian gas tax. In the last tender for the purchase of natural gas, the price is usual and is somewhere within the framework of the stock exchange in the Netherlands, the largest stock exchange in Europe. We do not know whether an extra cost is included in that price or not, but the price is within the price range of the European stock exchanges,” said the ERC president Marko Bislimoski.

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