Government doesn’t see the evaluation realistically, says SCPC head


We have read many times that there is no progress in the EC Report and we should not be surprised by the bad evaluations of the international community, the head of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) BiljanaIvanovska said Friday.

“I ask why we are all surprised when the international community gives us bad grades, especially since we keep pointing it out. So, the SCPC gives recommendations, the non-governmental organizations make recommendations, we all make recommendations and then everyone is turning a deaf ear. Now when the international community comes to deliver the real evaluation then suddenly we are all surprised. But the Government doesn’t see the evaluation,” said Ivanovska during the “Analysis 24” political show.

“To me, all of this looks like a small stubborn child who does not want to listen to anything that is being said to him. Unfortunately, that is the maturity of our society, nothing more,” Ivanovska added.

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