The people showed that no one’s candle lasts until dawn, says Mickoski


VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski, after the party’s great victory in the parliamentary elections, said at the election headquarters late Wednesday that SDSM and DUI will be held accountable, as he said, to for the crime and injustice committed.

The leader of the “Macedonia Yours Again” coalition added that the DUI boycott was also defeated.

“DUI showed that they are the least party that cares about Macedonia. It is time for DUI to go together with SDSM into opposition. I remember every word I said and every time I extended my hand. I am proud of the people who showed that no one’s candle lasts until dawn. When you climb the ladder never forget those you’ve met along the way. Don’t even think of forgetting the people. The people expect results. It won’t be easy, but this today is an indication that together we will succeed,”Mickoski added.

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