Macedonian women among shortest in Europe


Women in Macedonia are among the shortest in Europe, while men are close to European average height, according to the analysis of the Landgeist web portal, based on data from NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC), a network of health scientists around the world that works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO).

An average height of the Macedonian women is 160.9 cm, whereat women on Cyprus are by far the shortest women in Europe with an average height of 160.6 cm. Among the shortest in Europe are the women in Portugal, 161.2 cm.

Dutch women are the tallest women in, not only Europe, but in the whole world, at an average height of 170.4 cm, and they are just ahead of Montenegrin women (170.0 cm).

Men in the country have an average height of 176.4 cm.

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