Macedonia celebrates May 5 – Macedonian Language Day


The country celebrates May 5 – the Day of the Macedonian Language. On this day in 1945, by decision of the People’s Government of Federal Macedonia, in 1945 the alphabet of the Macedonian language was adopted based on the principle of one voice – one letter, and soon after, on June 7 of the same year, the first Macedonian orthography was adopted.

The Macedonian alphabet is based on the phonetic principle, which means that for each separate sound in the language there is a letter in the alphabet.

The alphabet was first printed in the newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, in the holiday number 104 of May 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1945.

The codification of the modern Macedonian standard language is rounded off with the works of Blaže Koneski – The Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language, The Dictionary of the Macedonian Language and The History of the Macedonian Language.



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