Growth of free economic zones in Macedonia is interesting opportunity for German companies


Coronavirus crisis will cause changes in the labor market in Germany but also in Macedonia. By rising unemployment in Germany, emigration from North Macedonia to Germany will also decrease. For companies in North Macedonia this means that availability of workforce will increase, Patrick Martens, Chief Executive of the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce (AHK) in Macedonia, said in a morning telegram on Thursday.

Referring to an expert analysis released by the delegation on March 20, Martens said that expansion of free economic zones in North Macedonia and the revival of old industrial facilities are interesting opportunities for the German companies.

Right now, he said, it is especially significant to support companies that are important to the system and businesses that are on a solid footing.

“Last week, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce presented the results of survey of AHK World Business Outlook Spring 2020, which was conducted among German chambers around the world. The results show that German companies abroad are fully aware of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. All relevant researches that have been conducted so far differs in terms of the degree of forthcoming decline in the economy in their countries. Forecasts change daily and reflect the fact that the situation is still unclear,” said Martens.

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