MES prepares protocols, the return of students to school to be decided in August


It is not yet known whether students will return to school as of September or whether classes will continue online.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Elizabeta Naumovska in an interview with TV 24 said that it will depend on the course of the pandemic, and the final word will have the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

The government should review the documents prepared by the Bureau for Development of Education and the working group, to give opinions, directions and additions. I hope that in time, by the first half of August, all those protocols, plans and strategies will be presented to the public and the schools will have enough time to prepare for the beginning of the new school year. I want to give reassuring information to the entire Macedonian public that we as the Government know exactly how and what should be undertaken, we are preparing protocols, a plan and possible strategies depending on how the pandemic will develop,” Naumovska said.

She personally believes that wherever possible and where there are conditions from a safety aspect, from September 1 to realize classes with physical presence.

She added that if the teaching is online again, it is proposed that the teachers work from a school where they will have provided technical equipment and internet access, because in the last three months of 2019/2020 different teachers were differently involved and engaged in learning from a distance because they did not have adequate equipment at home.

Naumovska says that the preparation of the national platform for distance learning is in progress, in which it should be defined exactly what the lesson will look like, how long it will last, when the e-teaching will take place during the day, etc.

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