Zaev: The adjective “Macedonian” is being negotiated – not a Macedonian history, but history of North Macedonia


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with Radio 77 admitted that the adjective Macedonian is being negotiated with Bulgaria and that the Bulgarian side insists on not using it as in the example, Macedonian history, but that the history of the Republic of North Macedonia should be written everywhere.

In international communication you cannot say the Macedonian Government, but you can say the Government of North Macedonia. The use of Macedonian, Macedonian, Macedonian, Macedonian or similar is not disputable, but it is also a problem when you talk about Macedonian textbooks, you talk about Macedonian history, when you talk about Makedonski Brod. So they insist that the history of the Republic of North Macedonia stand and stand like that everywhere,” Zaev said.

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