Nikoloski: Macedonia’s place is in the EU, not the second league, VMRO-DPMNE government will take the country to the EU


As part of the event organized by the Friends of Europe of the 40 most influential people under the age of 40, these three days in Zagreb we are discussing the most important topics facing Europe and the EU. I managed to open the topic in the discussions which refers to the European integration of Macedonia. While we have clearly identified that there are two significant obstacles, the first is certainly the veto that Bulgaria puts on our EU membership. But the second is the problem with the high level of corruption which unfortunately is practiced by this government of SDSM and DUI. That is why changes and early elections are needed, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski on Friday.

Nikoloski noted that they also discussed the new proposal made by French President Emmanuel Macron, on the existence of two conditional alliances in Europe, one within the EU and the second in a wider European political community.

“I believe that for Macedonia, membership in the European Union will not and must not have an alternative, we must not think of any other project, except full membership in the European Union. Because Macedonia and the Macedonians and the citizens of Macedonia deserve it. At the same time, we must work hard to fight organized crime corruption, establish a functioning rule of law system and strong reforms, as well as economic mobilization of Macedonia that will lead to successful negotiations for membership in the European Union and membership in the European Union. Because if Macedonia is a stable and orderly country in which there is a functional rule of law system, has low or no level of corruption and also has a good economy, European countries will want Macedonia to be a member of the European Union,” said Nikoloski.

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