Escobar: This is a historic opportunity


The U.S. special representative for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, said that the focus is not on signing, but on finalizing the annex for the implementation of the Agreement on the Normalization of Relations between Kosovo and Serbia. According to him, Ohrid is a chance today for Serbia and Kosovo, but also the entire region, to move forward from 1999.

The parties cannot choose what to implement and what not to implement from this agreement, Escobar said in an interview with Radio Free Europe conducted in Ohrid.

As an observer, he participates in the meetings between the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić in Ohrid, which are mediated by the head of foreign policy of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell and the EU’s special envoy for dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Miroslav Lajčák.

“The meeting of the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia in Ohrid is a historic opportunity,” said the US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar.

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