Commission for Professional Supervision reveals little Jana’s cause of death


The Commission for Expert Supervision for the case of the treatment of the 6-year-old patient J.H. in the Bitola Clinical Hospital, stated that according to the anamnesis, the clinical examination and the working diagnosis, appropriate steps have been taken in terms of analyses, treatment and observation of the patient.

“There is data on a COVID-19 infection six months ago. After laboratory analyses, the findings indicated a muscle-inflammatory reaction with elevated values ​​of creatine kinase and creatine kinase MB, within the framework of a viral infection that also affected the heart muscle with an elevated value of the cardiac enzyme-troponin. After the deterioration of the situation, the conclusion of the Commission is that the necessary steps have been taken, according to evidence-based medicine and the clinical picture of the patient, it is stated in the Report from the Commission for Expert Supervision for the patient from the Bitola hospital,” said the Commission.

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