Over 200 students still waiting on the dorm accommodation list as new academic year kicks off


Just a day before the beginning of the new academic year, over 200 students from all over Macedonia are still on the waiting list, and they have not received any information about whether they have been accepted into one of the dorms or in which dorm they will be accommodated, Il, VMRO-DPMNE Youth Forces member Iija Risteski said Sunday.
“All this is the result of the incompetent party staff of the social democratic youth, who are currently hiding and do not give any answers regarding these questions, because for them students and young people are always at the last place in their priorities. These failed and incompetent individuals still do not give any answer as to whether the students, in the 21st century and 2023, will even have a provided breakfast that they pay for themselves during their stay in the student dorms,” said Risteski.

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