Macedonian association “Ilinden”-Tirana demands that Albania declare Viktor Stojanov as persona non grata


The Macedonian association “Ilinden”-Tirana asked the authorities of the Republic of Albania to declare the Bulgarian citizen Viktor Stojanov, head of the Macedonia Foundation, as persona non grata.
“During the current census, certain Bulgarians are freely walking around the towns and villages inhabited by Macedonians throughout the Republic of Albania, with the sole purpose of forcing them to declare themselves as Bulgarians. Due to extreme aggressiveness, spreading of hate speech and threatening messages towards the Macedonian population, the Macedonian Association “Ilinden”-Tirana demands that Viktor Stojanov be declared persona non grata and be banned from entering the Republic of Albania. Namely, as the head of a Bulgarian foundation, he uses aggressive anti-Macedonian propaganda and violently tries to assimilate the Macedonian national minority in the Republic of Albania,” said the Macedonian Association.

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