Air Traffic Controllers Association shows support for union demands


The Macedonian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association – MATCA gives full support to the demands of the Professional Union of Air Traffic Controllers, which announced a strike for October 12, and points out that their goals coincide with the goals and program of the ATC, reportsPlusinfo.

“The announced strike by the air traffic controllers is the culmination of our previous continuous joint requests to improve the overall functioning of M-NAV, whose primary goal is to enable safe air traffic. These common demands of ours have intensified in the last year and a half, as evidenced by the numerous letters to the management, because the conditions in which we work are more than embarrassing for a company from this industry,” said MATCA.

They point out that they operate in substandard conditions 24/7, almost non-existent supplies of inventory that is used and depreciated 365 days a year, with outdated air ventilation, cooling and heating systems that have not been serviced for many years, water shortages and restrictions, which is a basic human need, that is, conditions that threaten their wellbeing.

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