BRAKO and GREEN MACHINES present the ecological vehicles at the Seattle fair


Environmental and highly technologically advanced vehicles for maintaining hygiene in urban environments of BRAKO, from the Green Machines line, continue to conquer the North American continent.
After participating in the fair in Texas, the American branch of Green Machines presented itself at the Electric Vehicle and Equipment Fair held in Seattle, the 15th largest city in the United States, located in the northern state of Washington.
The event, organized by the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, featured the two best-selling electric models, the 400 ze and 500 ze, which are attracting a lot of interest in the United States.
“Electrification of all sectors, especially in the transport sector, is a trend in the USA and local and federal authorities are making efforts to give citizens even better living conditions and an even more protected environment. Our electric and hydrogen models fully satisfy all the criteria for ecological living and clean urban environments”, said the U.S. representative office of Green Machines.

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