Independent union of health workers to go on a warning protest on Thursday


A 30% salary increase, a new collective agreement, beneficial working experience, an increase in the infectious allowance from 1 to 4%, and the transformation of a definite working period into an indefinite one are the demands of the Independent Union of Health Workers. They say that the Ministry of Health does not listen to their requests, as they have proposed a 15% salary increase only for nurses, which the union does not agree with. On Thursday, they will start a protest if their demands are not met.
“It is a process of warning protests that will take place at workplaces. This means that during the breaks from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m., the employees, according to their own thinking, according to their wishes and whatever they want, can go out in front of the labor organizations, protest for half an hour or sit at the workplaces without working. And all this will be done so that it does not affect the patients, so everything around them will be finished, but the authorities must hear about us,” said Kristina Olevska, head of the Independent Union of Health Workers.
For Olevska, who is a nurse with 25 years of work experience with the last increase of 10%, receives a salary of MKD 28,000, and works in interventional radiology, she says that it is incomprehensible to live with these funds in a time of inflation.

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