Pendarovski announces that he will again run for presiden


In an interview with “Click Plus” on TV 21, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski was asked if he would invite the presidential candidates to coffee, and he replied that he could not do so.

“According to the country’s regulations, during those 20 days I am a candidate, I have to do some things as president, but I am a candidate more than a president,” said Pendarovski.

With this statement, Pendarovski indirectly announced that in the next presidential elections he will run for president again, that is, that he will seek a second term.

Officially, for the time being, Velo Markovski has announced his candidacy, who will ask for the support of 10,000 citizens, whose signatures will be collected in accordance with the legal regulations after the announcement of the elections. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE have not yet revealed their candidates.

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