Stojkoski: The composition of the waste found at Orman is being determined


A case has been opened as a procedure for the waste that was located by the inspector from the municipality of Gjorce Petrov, near the village of Orman. The State Environmental Inspectorate was informed and the case was given for further action.
Mayor of Gjorche Petrov, Aleksandar Stojkoski, pointed out Tuesday that the authorized inspector has given a deadline of 30 days, in accordance with the law, to dislocate the waste that was found.
“We are in coordination with the State Inspectorate for the State Environmental Inspectorate. And they are currently in the field to determine the exact composition so that we can see what kind of waste it is. We are looking to observe all the procedures as much as possible, with the fastest deadlines to approach in the interest of the health of the citizens so that it can be dislocated as quickly as possible,” the mayor said.

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