Bulgarian tax for Russian gas is inappropriate, we will take it to international courts if necessary, says Kovachevski


The fee of 10 euros per megawatt/hour for the transit of Russian gas through Bulgaria applies to Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary as of today. Bulgaria took the decision on the fee on October 13 and presented it as a sanction against Russia. The three countries reacted sharply, and the European Commission, evaluating it as a national measure, gave Bulgaria permission to use the money from the tax for the needs of the state. Bulgaria expects 1.3 billion euros in annual revenue from the fee.
We will not give up on demanding that pipeline capacities be freed up and taxes be scrapped as they are unfairly imposed and have nothing in common with the EU’s market principles and directives. If necessary, we will take it to international courts, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said on Wednesday. Talks are currently being held with the EU and Bulgaria with the relevant ministry to see what can be done, added Kovachevski.

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