Let’s not get to the point when we would have to import doctors and nurses!


Immediately after the formation of the new government, the annex to the Collective Agreement should be signed, said the healthcare professionals from the protest in front of the Ministry of Health on Monday.
They asked the political parties that claim to come to power, to sit down with the Trade Union at a common table and agree on paper what they promise in the pre-election programs, and then implement it.
If the request to sign an annex, from which they do not deviate, is not fulfilled, the health workers have announced more massive protests.
“Let’s not get to the point when we would have to import doctors and nurses from third countries, because from the contacts we have with the unions from Slovenia and Croatia, the mortality among them has increased quite a bit. So, I think it’s high time, this is the last appeal for them to have a feeling, a sense for healthcare. First and foremost is an increase in salaries, because everything else they offer – building hospitals, equipment is all fine, but who will work in those hospitals and who will be with that equipment,” said the president of the Clinical Center Union Predrag Serafimovski.

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