Now is the chance to create a future and values for all citizens, says Mickoski


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski congratulated the International Romani Day – April 8 and pointed out that the Roma people were, are and will remain a significant actor in the Macedonian multicultural society and their cultural, linguistic and identity uniqueness are part of the Macedonian treasury of diversity, a treasure for which Macedonia is appreciated and valued in Europe and the World.
“Macedonia has never been, nor will it be, a country where anyone was forced to assimilate, but on the contrary, it has always been a bright example of respect for the uniqueness and ethnic diversity of each of its citizens. After all, Macedonia is perhaps the only country in the wider environment where, where the majority is Romani, the Roma language is an official language along with Macedonian.
Mickoski points out that now is the chance and the time to create a future and values for all citizens. “This time, you don’t just vote for a political party, but for yourself and your families. The key is in mass, said the opposition leader.

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