New NLA museum to be built in Arachinovo


The National Liberation Army (NLA) will get a new museum, at least judging by the promise of the mayor of Arachinovo, Ridvan Ibrahimi. He said in a statement to TV 21 that the construction of a museum of the NLA in Arachinovo is one of the unfulfilled promises.

The mayor explains that a location for the museum will still have to be chosen and that there are several places for that purpose, two of which are the cemetery of the fallen fighters and the building of the former municipality.

“Until the location that is my priority is chosen, there are different forms. It is one of those promises that I made, the NLA museum belongs to Arachinovo, Arachinovo has a history for the great contribution it made during the war,” says Ibrahimi.

If Ibrahimi keeps his promise, it will be another museum dedicated to former NLA members.

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